Exploring the city just became a whole lot easier.


Designed for the Streets.

Engineered for Comfort.

Twin inverted rear shock absorbers fitted to double aluminum brackets provide superior impact-resistance.

Electromagnetic Anti-Lock Brakes (E-ABS) paired with an auxiliary rear disc ensures optimal stopping power.

Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter - Brake Disc

Mobility + Portability

never looked so good.

Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter - Folded

Seconds to Fold

Seconds to store under Desk

Unparalleled Stability on variable Terrain.

Rover’s extended lightweight aluminum deck with ensures strength and durability, while its composite edging provides significant weight reduction, added weather protection, and enhanced resistance to damage.



Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter - Deck
Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter - Miles per Hour Gauge

Full Panel Gauge Display.


Current Speed

Easily switch between Miles per Hour (mph) and Kilometers per Hour (kph). 


Calculates your total mileage over time.

Trip Meter

Track your distance on-demand. 


Displays your current voltage output from the battery to the wheels.

Adjustable Speed Limiter

Offers 3 modes to restrict or increase your speed based on your comfort level and riding experience. 

Electromagentic Anti-Lock Brake Management

Enables you to engage or disengage the anti-lock braking system, or adjust stopping power for smoother stops or rapid braking.

Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter - Wheel



Power Available Immediately

300-400% more powerful than competing shareable models. 

Watts (Rated)

Operating volts

Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter

There and back, and there…and back again.

Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter

All Day Range.

15-25 Miles per charge*

Because skipping a charge shouldn’t mean missing a meeting.

Distance may vary depending on rider weight, road conditions, riding habits, and gradient.* Rover’s range is not rated by the EPA.

Rover Lightweight Electric Scooter - Front Suspension

Solid Composite Tires.

Nothing ruins a day like nails in the roadway. 

Matte black aluminum wheels

C-Channel Front Suspension

Dual Shock Absorbers

Brushed spokes

Road + Path Ready Treads


15.6 A/H Li. ion 18650 Series Cells

Rover was designed to go. For a long, long time. Longer than your commute to work. Longer than the way back. Sure, Rover looks great when you push it, but you’d rather ride it. And you can, because of its powerhouse 18650-series battery with overcharge protection.

LED Head + Tail Light

Riding shouldn’t be limited to the daytime. Your schedule isn’t, and neither is Rover. Trust us, they’ll see you coming, and so will your battery. That’s right — Rover’s lights are so energy efficient that you can leave them on all night and Rover will still perform as if you hadn’t.

T-6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

Because a bump shouldn’t snap your electric scooter’s frame on the way to work. Rover means business. And that means getting you there – safely. A rugged frame means Rover’s ride quality is firm, precise, and planted. 

Sealed Direct Current Motor

Rover’s DC-powered brushless wheel hub motor delivers optimal performance on a variety of road conditions. From zero to go, Rover packs from 300-400% more power than leading shareable models.

Key Start Ignition

Rover was meant for you, not your overly curious friend; turn off the ignition and remove the key. Problem solved. Now your friend with a spotty driving record can’t use it.

On-board Power Management System

From adjusting power output to pre-selecting your maximum speed, Rover is capable of almost anything you decide to put it through. Want to dim the brightness on your digital display? No problem. Feeling like removing Zero-Start so you can move the moment you press the throttle? No worries. Rover does that. In fact, Rover does pretty much everything.

Mechanical Disc Brakes + E-ABS

Stop on a dime. Or a penny. We at Zero Point Motors want you to be able to stop when you want to — our business depends on it. Rover can haul, and it can stop quickly, too. Quicker than your Dad’s sports car. That’s the power of dual braking systems. Don’t worry about applying too much force – we’ve added electromagnetic anti-lock brakes.

100 Decibel Electronic Horn

Loud enough to wake up the neighborhood; intended for when you absolutely need to make your presence known. Use accordingly. 

Packaged, Inspected, and Calibrated in the USA

All Zero Point Lightweight Electric Vehicles are engineered at our overseas factory, then delivered to our warehouse in Pennsylvania. From there, we inspect, test, calibrate, and package your electric scooter for shipment directly to your door. 

Free Expedited Shipping Directly from our Warehouse

We only ship products that meet our rigorous quality control parameters and visual inspection controls. Rover will arrive directly to your doorstep in the same condition we sent it, packaged using state of the art materials and technologies, and always free of damage. With shipment monitoring and tracking, you can rest assured that you’ll get it exactly as expected.

3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Never again deal with a foregin distributor selling products with questionable service and support. When you purchase from Zero Point, we take care of your questions and concerns. Forget about waiting weeks for service and replacements. 

Dedicated to Innovation.

Motor Lifespan (Hours)


Reduction in Noise Pollution

Battery Charge Cycles

Single Gear Drivetrain

Leaves costly transmission repairs to the past

Variable Speed Control

Easily adjust cruising speeds to fit your needs

Trigger Throttle

Enhances responsiveness and improves rider experience

Rear Wheel Drive

Improves balance and manueverability

Matte Chrome Labeling

Ensures UV-resistance and protection from the elements

Single DC Motor

Reduces power consumption and increases weight savings

Zero Carbon Emissions

$65 per Fill-Up, Premium Unleaded

15 to 90 cents per charge

Committed to improving the World.


We donate nearly 2% of all sales to reputable non-profit organizations. From protecting the environment to assisting veterans, fighting homelessness, and advancing STEM education, we’re here to benefit the planet.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lightweight Electric Vehicles inherently consume less power than conventional forms of transportation and require fewer components to manufacture and maintain.

Reduced reliance on automobiles & RideSharing

Owning a Zero Point LEV means you’ll no longer have to drive in a 2-4+ ton vehicle every day.

Increased Cost Savings

Commuting with a Zero Point results in substantial cost-savings over time compared to traditional methods, while our standard 3 year limited warranty ensures you’ll be free of increasingly expensive vehicle maintenance. 

World Class Fit + Finish

Wrapped in custom Matte White Digitially-printed 100% Recyclable foam-free packaging with air pillow impact-absorption technology.

QR Codes for Rapid Service

Simply scan the array with your iPhone or Android should you ever need your LEV repaired.

Brushed Aluminum Serial Plating

Authenticity matters.

In House LEV Service, Repair, and Replacement

Because you shouldn’t have to wait weeks.

Shipment Impact Monitoring Guard

Ensures your Zero Point arrives to your doorstep exactly as it was when we calibrated and packaged it.

100% Foam-Free Recyclable Air Packaging

Let’s make the world cleaner.



48 in stock

Zero Point’s Rover is the ultimate city-commuting machine. Featuring an 800 Watt-rated Sealed Brushless Direct Current motor packed with 48 Volts of driving force. ZPMC’s Rover exhibits superior range over competitors through its energy-efficient 15.6 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion battery comprised of a deep array of 18650-series cells. A rigid aluminum frame, puncture-proof composite tires, and 4 impact-absorbing shocks ensure a smooth ride and optimal lifespan for years to come.

Paired alongside free expedited shipping directly from our Pennsylvania warehouse to anywhere within the continental U.S. and a standard 3-year Limited Warranty, Rover is eager to adapt to your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Weighing in at just under 50 pounds, Rover is a precision lightweight electric scooter designed and intended for working professionals commuting distances from 1-10 miles for a round trip total of 15-25 miles. Comprised of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and composite materials, Rover is truly the ultimate lightweight folding electric scooter for commuting.

Armed with a high-output 800 watt sealed brushless motor, Rover operates on a 48 Volt high-torque Direct Current electrical system displacing immediate, consistent, and powerful force upon acceleration through its variable speed trigger throttle control mechanism.

Implementing an advanced fly-by-wire acceleration module, Rover can increase or reduce both speeds and maximum power output levels and offers 3 readily selectable drive modes to suit your desired riding experience.

By adding solid composite road and path-ready tires, we’ve eliminated the possibility of ever encountering a flat tire, while dual shock absorbers in the front and rear mean Rover won’t let you down or wear you out.

With a 100+ decibel electric monotone horn, front and rear LED head and taillights, and an audible air friction motor, Rover ensures you’re known to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. Keyed ignition and a settings-parameter lock out feature provides peace of mind.

Dual braking systems offer superior stopping power through a state-of-the-art electromagnetic braking system with electronic anti-lock brakes (E-ABS), while a dedicated disc provides added mechanical brake force for significantly reduced braking distance. By concentrating braking force to the rear, Rover is freed from the constraints of front-wheel agitation and loss of control seen on other models during rapid stops. Instead, Rover’s system is intuitive and easy-to-use; pull the brake and reduce speed as desired.

Featuring sealed ball-bearing located adjacent to the machined aluminum hub motor, Rover can climb to maximum speed and coast for extended distances, enhancing range and improving efficiency. Using a dedicated single rear wheel drive motor, we’re able to reduce power consumption, improve operating dynamics, and drastically improve efficiency and range for a seamless riding experience.

By integrating Rover’s heaviest component below the deck, the Lithium Ion battery enhances ride quality and inspires confidence by displaying improved weight-shifting and load-displacement characteristics.

By relying on a single brushless electric motor, advanced braking systems, and intelligent onboard battery and power management modules, Rover exemplifies the meaning of lightweight, high-efficiency transportation and performance, requiring virtually no maintenance.

From customizing riding options to suit your needs to providing the capability to rapidly adjust everything from power output, to speed, and even electric braking power, Rover’s digital display keeps you in the loop. Back-end settings are readily adjusted through a unique access code, meaning you’re always in control. Real time speed, trip distance, battery life, voltage, and a dedicated odometer ensure you always know when it’s time to charge.

With a lithium ion battery designed to achieve upwards of 1,000 full charge cycles with minimal capacity-loss over time and a motor-life-cycle exceeding 10,000 hours, Rover is sure to keep you moving. If a component ever fails, we’ll replace it free of charge.

Rover’s learning curve is quick, intuitive, and simple. Through our comprehensive User Guide and Lithium Ion battery care and safety tips, you’ll be up and riding in no time. An easy-to-use dual prong standard DC charger with LED indicators to notifies you when Rover's 6-7.5 hour charge cycle has completed, while integrated circuit protection prevents overcharging, optimizing battery life and improving total range.

Because we’re based in the US, you’ll always know that we’re on your side. Not only are we reachable 24/7, each Rover comes standard with a 3-year limited warranty, free expedited shipping from our PA warehouse to anywhere in the continental US, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We established Zero Point Motor Company to provide working professionals and commuters with premium technologically advanced 21st century transportation solutions. Not only is Rover versatile and inherently mobile, it’s the answer to city commutes for individuals and couples looking to reduce transportation costs, reduce impact on the environment, avoid gridlock and traffic congestion, and bring exhilaration to the otherwise mundane morning and afternoon commute.

Notice: Federal law prohibits operating an electric scooter without proper permits, licensing, and authorizations above fifteen (15) miles per hour. Rover should only be operated on “Gear 3” through its variable drive mode system on privately-owned closed courses. Rover’s range depends on rider weight, experience, and riding habits and is not evaluated by the EPA. 30 Day Money back Guarantee is subject to Terms & Conditions. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, and other countries will be charged all other applicable taxes, fees, duties, and surcharges. As a Lightweight Electric Vehicle, Rover is a folding electric scooter designed and engineered for adults 18 and over. Rover is not intended for children. Any sale to a minor is strictly prohibited. Electric scooters are permitted in most states but are currently prohibited in certain states and cities. We’re aggregating data on regulations by state and locality, but in the interim, please verify that your state and/or city permits the use of electric scooters on roadways. Electric scooters and electric bicycles are currently technically prohibited in Pennsylvania and, as such, should be used only on private property unless and until these restrictions are lifted.

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Dimensions50 × 14 × 24 in
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30 Day Money back Guarantee

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