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It’s your Fundamental Right. Zero Point Motor Company values it.

Privacy Policy

We regularly update our Privacy Policy to reflect the latest Data Protection laws, including California’s CCPA, the European Union’s GDPR, and more.


Manage Cookie Preferences

You can increase or reduce the amount of information you share with us. However, altering certain preferences may negatively impact your ability to use our site and make purchases.

Security Analysis

Zero Point Motor Co. is committed to ensuring optimal cyber-security protocols to guard against unlawful data breaches. That’s why we scan our entire database daily, implement encryption features, and much more.

Cyber Safety.

We Protect sensitive Information.

It seems that with each passing day, we hear more and more about criminals and hackers stealing personally-identifiable information (“PII”). No individual, government, or company is completely free of risk. In fact, many of the largest and most powerful corporations across the globe have been affected. So we’re doing everything in our power to mitigate and reduce these risks by keeping your data as reasonably safe as possible. 

Our Commitment to You.

Right from the outset, we’ve had your protection in mind. We’re committed to your safety online, which is why we use high-grade data safeguarding techniques to thwart attacks, detect vulnerabilities, and secure your information. From SSL Certificates to encrypted Payment Processing and much more, you can rest assured that we’re on your side.

All Hands on Deck.

We believe that cybersecurity is a team effort. From elementary safety enhancements to robust network security solutions and a continuously updated data breach response framework, our concerted efforts significantly strengthen our position against vulnerabilities and critical mistakes.

Cloud Computing.

We store virtually all of our data in a secure, encrypted Cloud. This substantially reduces the possibility of successfully breaching sensitive information by minimizing the access points for a breach to occur, restricting unauthorized data transfers, and requiring additional security keys.

Two-Factor Authentication.

Every computer, network, program, application, and database must undergo multiple authentication protocols (e.g. 2FA), thwarting malicious login attempts.

PCI-DSS Payment Processor Compliance.

All payments are processed through Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (“PCI DSS”), so you’ll always feel safe purchasing through us. 

Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Suite.

Our innovative cyber defense software scans all of our folders, drives, and documents daily, meaning you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about intrusions.

Virtual Proxy Network.

We’ve deployed a Virtual Proxy Network or (“VPN”) for web access, making it exceedingly difficult for criminals to accurately trace our computers’ communications.

Encrypted Email.

All internal communications are encrypted, not only on our Emails, but on all of our drives and software applications, which adds an additional layer of protection against theft of confidential information.

24/7 Site Backup & DDoS Protection.

Our website is armed with several features which reduces the likelihood that wrongdoers can take-down our website. Even if our servers are ever taken down, they’ll rapidly resume normal functioning thanks to our 24/7 website restore capabilities.

Brute Force Login Protection.

Even as hacking advances, one of the most common methods for criminals to steal data is through repeatedly entering password combinations, often through devices purchased on the black market. Our software intentionally limits the number of unsuccessful login attempts and restricts access from the site – automatically.

Weekly Cookie Scanning. 

By routinely scanning our site for cookies, we can effectively limit the quality and quantity of information collected from your computer, and can then keep you up-to-date through our Privacy Policy when those settings change.



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