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Lightweight Electric Vehicles are the Future and the Future is Now.

Cities are congested. Gridlock is everywhere, all the time. Toxic emissions fumigate the air, and conventional forms of transportation are becoming increasingly expensive. That’s where we come in.

18650 Series Lithium Ion Batteries

Zero Point’s high-capacity Lithium Ion batteries are designed to produce constant, dependable power for up to 25 miles. Inclines won’t be a challenge, either.

High-Torque Sealed Brushless Motors

 When you want to move, the onboard high performance DC motor ensure that 100% of the motors’ power is delivered to the wheels immediately, faster than any conventional internal combustion engine.

Standard Industry-Leading 3 year warranty

Never pay to replace a part again. If it breaks, it’s on us.* Three (3) full years of unlimited-mileage coverage standard with every purchase.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We donate a significant portion of revenue to creating a positive impact worldwide for meaningful change. From planting trees to investing in renewable energy and becoming carbon neutral, you can be confident that Zero Point has not only your best interests in mind – we have the world in mind, too. 

More for you, less for the fuel companies.

There has never before been a more cost-effective form of self-propelled transportation.

.15 to $1

Average cost per Charge

Full Charges per Battery

Packaged, Inspected, and Calibrated in the United States of America.

A State of the Art machine demands State of the Art quality control and oversight. Every Zero Point Lightweight Electric Vehicle (LEV), from Adult Folding Electric Scooters to our upcoming Electric Bicycles, is manufactured at our overseas factory, shipped to us for inspection, calibration, testing and repackaging, and then expedited to you. 

It’s not only a testament to our respect for your safety and satisfaction, but also a precursor to our target to return our entire manufacturing to the United States in the next several years. 

American Flag

The Leader in LEV Technology.


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Featured Case Studies

We’re transforming the concept of transportation in the 21st century one person at a time. See how integrating Zero Point LEV’s into our customer’s routines changed their views on commuting forever. 

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